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The 10 best restaurants in Menorca in 2024

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If you want to enjoy a high-level gastronomic experience, here you have our essential as the best restaurants in Menorca (updated 2024). No false expectations... here goes!


Sant Joan de Binissaida


Sant Joan de Binissaida is a cosy rural hotel with only 12 rooms. in which the surprise is included. And the fact is that Ses Forquilles is in charge of the gastronomic of the best restaurants in Menorca, which has now closed its doors to rename itself Ses Culleres (Pont d'es Castell, 6, Mahón). In the old place, located in the centre of the capital, the food was fantastic; now you eat fantastic and you also have one of the best views of the port of Mahón.


But back to Sant Joan de Binissaida. Its cuisine is based on individual dishes that are a little more creative than its big brother's, without losing sight of the importance of the Km 0 product. In fact, the vegetables come from his own garden, and the shoulder of suckling lamb, reared on its own farm, is unrivalled.. It is located in a secluded area, so while you eat or dine on the terrace you won't hear anything, just the other diners. The menu is extensive and includes DO Menorca wines.. In July and August they will be open every day, while the rest of the season they will be closed on Wednesdays. It has a private car park.

Average price: €45

▶️ Camí de Binissaida, 108, 07720 Es Castell / 971355598


El Rais


El Raisalso belonging to the Ses Forquilles Group, is the most Mediterranean restaurant thanks to its location in the port of Mahón and its culinary concept.

It stands out for its unique rice cuisine and a seasonal menu that makes the most of the flavours of the land and the sea. Although it is not a conventional rice restaurant, El Rais pays homage to rice and presents it in many creative ways.

In addition to its delicious selection of rice dishes, it also offers options for raw food, grilled fish and meatsas well as a selection of exquisite desserts. The restaurant has a raised terrace and a dining room with a Mediterranean and industrial style that looks straight out to seaThe hotel offers a bright, spacious and comfortable experience that represents an open window to the Mediterranean.

Average price: €45

▶️ Moll de Levant, 314 - 07703 Maó (Menorca - Illes Balears) / 971362345

Sa Pedrera d'es Pujol


Opinionated About Dining (OAD), an internationally renowned ranking, in 2020 chose Sa Pedrera d'es Pujol in the position 129 of the top 200 casual restaurants in Europe. With this presentation, it is logical to set expectations high. This is a restaurant of the highest level, with one of the best services on the island and with quality products. It works a more urban cuisineThe most outstanding dishes are the ravioli of roast beef, mushrooms, escudella and truffle juice, the foie terrine with figs and the suckling pig with four spices juice. The restaurant is indoors but is open on all four sides, giving the sensation of being outdoors. ideal for midday as well as in the evening. It has private parking.

Average price: €50

▶️ Camí des Pujol, 14, 07711 Sant Lluís / 971150717


Restaurant Sa Llagosta


Sa Llagosta is the second and last Menorcan restaurant on the Opinionated About Dining (OAD) list, 160th position. High quality cuisine, with attention to the smallest detail. The restaurant where every dish has no 'buts' and where local gastronomy is the main protagonist.

The first time we tried it was because Víctor Lidón told us that for him it is the best restaurant in Menorca.. And this is saying a lot, as Victor is the owner and chef of another fantastic restaurant (Ca Na PilarHe is a former member of the highly acclaimed ABaC restaurant in Barcelona (2 Michelin stars) and the Racó de Can Fabes, of the renowned Santi Santamaria (3 stars). And the proposal does not disappoint: their treatment of fish, seafood and lobster stew is simply a delight for the senses.. That is why it is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Menorca.

Average price without caldereta: 50€.

▶️ Gabriel Gelabert, 12, 07748 Fornells / 971376566


Restaurant Es Cranc


Es Cranc is one of the best places to eat caldereta de langosta (lobster stew)Is yours better or Sa Llagosta's? It's like choosing between father and mother: difficult. But we could say that if you like it strong in flavour and thick, choose Sa Llagosta, and if you like it a little lighter, choose Es Cranc. The seafood broth or fish is also very tasty, perfect options if you have an eye on your budget. A simple establishment with the essence of Menorca.The event has been attended by all kinds of personalities, from King Juan Carlos I, Pau Gasol, Lewis Hamilton...

It is worth noting that, in the restaurants of Fornells, every season more than 8,000 kg of lobster. Yes, you read that right: 8 tonnes in the time window from 1 April to 1 September.

Average price without caldereta: 60€.

▶️ Carrer de ses Escoles, 31, 07748 Fornells / 971376442


Cafè Balear


Cafè Balear is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Menorca for eating good seafood, in the form of sharing platters. Spectacular clams with garlic, tasty Menorcan mussels, scandalous razor clams, very tender octopus, cuttlefish and squid Top... Not to mention the fish of the day and the lobster with fried egg, also a traditional dish of the island. All this in a terrace located on the quayside of the port of Ciudadela and with the most effective service on the island. A summer 'must' that all Menorca has been to at some point. You can book inside, but not on the terrace.

Average price: 35€ - 45€.

▶️ Passeig es Pla de Sant Joan, 15, 07760 Ciudadela / 971380005


Restaurant Alcaufar Vell


Discover Alcaufar Vell is one of the most beautiful moments you will experience in Menorca outside the natural environment. Because this rural hotel it's not that it's beautiful, it's that it's straight out of a fairy tale.. The building, an old 18th century manor house, is a journey into the island's past, but with all the comfort and spectacularity of the 21st century. The restaurant is located in the Ullastres Garden (Garden of wild olive trees), a magical, intimate and, one might almost say, confidential place..

The food is no slouch, and lives up to the context. The Menú de l'Amo (Owner's Menu), very complete, costs 43,50€, but only if you start dinner before 9.30pm. Otherwise, there's the à la carte menu, with a very good selection of cheeses, salads, fish and meat. Please note: reservations cannot be accepted after 22h.. It has private parking.

✅ Average menu price: 40€.

▶️ Carretera Alcaufar, km 8,2, 07710 Sant Lluís / 971151874


Isabella Beach Club


If you are wondering whether Menorca has good sushiAnd not only is the sushi delicious, but you will also have it in one of the most privileged places on the island. Because Isabella is literally over the seawith the tables almost touching the water. Dinner turns into an evening, with torches, chill music, with the colour white that transports us to the Ibizan bars and their private rooms.and great food. It's not for nothing that it has become the trendy restaurant in Menorca. Oh, and you also have a menu of Mediterranean foodas well as cured meats and cheeses from The Palatethe best gourmet establishment in the Balearic Islands.

Average price: €40

▶️ Carrer Tramuntana, s/n, 07748 Playas de Fornells / 638785480


El Grill Restaurant

Photo: El Grill Restaurant

A restaurant next to the airport with the beautiful places that exist in Menorca? Yes, because on an island where fish and seafood are obviously predominant, finding a restaurant next to the airport is a paradise for carnivores is sensational. Its terrace is an oasis just a few metres from the terminal and with a smell of embers that will make you hungry all of a sudden. The sirloin steak or the beef cutlet, as well as the grilled vegetables, are a spectacle. So we can say that this is one of the best steakhouses in Menorca.

By the way, if you are meat lovers you also have another very good restaurant 5 minutes drive from El Grill, Ca'n Bernat (Maó - Cala en Porter road, km 8). Both are two old Menorcan houses completely restored and have private parking.

No website or social networks

Average price: €40

▶️ Carretera Aeroport, 247, 07712 Mahón / 971367903


Ses Forquilles


One of the best restaurants in Menorca, one of the best restaurants of all times, is renewed and changes its premises. A beautiful and luminous space, with a charming inner courtyard.. It is located in the town centre of Mahón, which is also connected to the Hotel Boutique Christine Bedfor.

Their dishes are excellent, with a variety of exquisite dishes to shareThe quantities are correct, allowing us to keep the budget between 35-40€ per person. We would highlight the quality of the product, its preparation and the friendly service of the staff. Its cuisine is international, rooted in the sea and the land, with seasonal and, whenever possible, local produce..

If you like to enjoy food, Ses Forquilles is a restaurant that, despite not having a view of the sea or the countryside, is one of the best urban restaurants that never disappoints.

A little trickThe wild sea bass in pil pil sauce is exquisite and the price per person is around 26€, but you can order for one and eat almost three. And the half portion of suckling pig is plentiful ;-).

Parking in the centre of Mahón is not easy, but you have the Es Fraginal car park, which is open air and costs only 0.2€ per hour, and is a 5-minute walk away, or the Plaça Miranda car park, which is more difficult to access but is just 2 minutes from the restaurant.

Average price: €40

▶️ Calle San Fernando, 12, 07702 Mahón / 971353260


Bread and Wine Restaurant


In a typical Menorcan house we find this romantic proposal that will remain engraved on your retina. The interior of Bread and Wine looks like a miniature, but the exterior has two generous terraces to savour his creations. Its chef, Patrick, designs an annual tasting menu dedicated to an area of his native France, while at the same time, a Mediterranean menu that changes four times a year. We have always liked the Mediterranean, but it is an added bonus to find the possibility of exploring corners of the neighbouring country through its flavours, something that the increasingly abundant high-level French tourists appreciate. It has private parking.

Average price: €55

▶️ Camí Coixa, 3, 07711 Sant Lluís / 971150201

You already know the best restaurants in Menorca! If you want to know which are the best cheap ones, visit this entry.

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