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Cala en Porter: what to see, what to do, where to eat...

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Cala en Porter is one of the ideal urbanisations to have your accommodation in Menorca.. Not only because it is practically halfway between Ciutadella and Mahón, which is obviously important to reduce your travel time to the beaches all over the island, but also because it has a series of virtues that are difficult to combine. We explain them to you!

The perfect plan for a whole day

If you are looking for a 100% summer day without leaving your seatHere's a great one. Take aim! In the morning take a ride in our kayaks to make the The Caves Routeyou'll love it. Departure is at 10.15h. You will arrive back at the beach of Cala en Porter at 13:15h, ideal time to have lunch in one of the two bars that are right on the sand, Rustic Bar Cala o Los Barriles.


Go to your accommodation, get some rest and then take a walk around the beach area. For example, you can go along the Camí del RomaníA path that takes you from the beach ramp to the middle of the cove along the left-hand side of the cove. A very good area for taking spectacular photos. You also have a river that, from the car park area, you will see a lot of ducks, different birds and even you might catch a turtle sticking its head out of the water.

If you prefer something completely relaxingyou can go for a drink at Torralbenca luxury rural hotel that allows the free access to the terrace for a drink (also for dinner, but it is very expensive). If you go, you will have to take the car, because you have to go out to the road, but in a couple of minutes you will have arrived, as it is just outside Cala en Porter. A place where you will hear nothing but the birds and the breeze, an oasis of tranquillity and wellbeing in the middle of the countryside.


Get ready for a late afternoon

When they are approximately at 7 p.m., go to the Cova de'n Xoroi. There you will live one of the best moments of your stay in Menorca. With amazing views of the cliffs and the sea, the experience will be complete with music and a drink that you can order on the incredible terrace. La Cova de'n Xoroi closes at 23h.You can extend the afternoon and then go for dinner at one of the restaurants we are going to recommend below.


How to get to Cala en Porter

The first thing to bear in mind is that Menorca airport is only 10 minutes away by car. of Cala en Porter. The convenience of being so close to the airport is a plus, since if you have your accommodation, for example, in Ciutadella you will have to drive 45 minutes... and the same to go back. Moreover, if you are in Ciutadella, the beaches to the east are the same distance away, and if you stay in Mahón, the same for the west.

Cala en Porter is located almost in the middle of the island.On the south coast of Menorca, with easy access by road, so you won't have any problems getting around. And how to get to Cala en Porter? In Minorca, the easiest option is always to hire a car. However, you can also do it in one of the regular bus lines of Menorca.


Where to park, another facility

Even on the busiest days of the high season, you will find parking space in Cala en Porter. On the beach there is a giant open space where you can leave your car or motorbike, always free of charge.. You will only have to walk two minutes and you will be in front of the beach. On the other hand, if your destination is the centre of the urbanisation you can also park without paying. You will be able to park in all the streets, except for one which is pedestrianised (the most central one). There is also a small car park in front of the Samoa restaurant, as well as next to the Pons restaurant.


Where to eat in Cala en Porter

The best restaurant in Cala en Porter is The Octopus. Under Gustavo's guidance, you'll find very good quality Mediterranean food in an ideal setting: it has a large terrace that will make you feel at ease. They usually have fish of the day and the meat is very good, especially the beef tenderloin.

Restaurant El Pulpo

In front of El Pulpo, you will find the Samoayour choice if you are looking for something unpretentious, good value and fast service.. They do everything from mixed dishes to pizzas and even hamburgers. The owner, Luis, used to run La Salamandra restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the urbanisation. Since he left, La Salamandra has few people and Samoa has many. A word to the wise... a few words are enough.

You'll also find a Chinese restaurant, an Indian restaurant, pizzerias and even an Italian ice cream parlour... with great ice creams and good Nuetella crepes!

Good atmosphere for a drink


Cala en Porter is also known for its atmosphere, as it could not be otherwise considering that it is the place where the Cova is located. The young atmosphere is concentrated in the AyasheYou can have a drink inside or on the terrace, which is guarded by two large palm trees. Dj Walls, who has also played at La Cova on many occasions, runs this place where Spanish and British tourists are concentrated, eager to have a good time and meet people. We encourage you to go and have a good time!

For its part, the Aloha is ideal if you are looking for a karaoke. Inside or on the terrace, you can have cocktails and sing in an (almost) totally British atmosphere. Although you can find people of all ages, families and older clientele predominate.

All services, at your disposal

Cala en Porter has pharmacysupermarkets, bars, car rental... Everything is at your fingertips in this small urbanisation, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post. The less good part is that it has become very touristicThis is a normal consequence of all these advantages. But it is perfect to have your own accommodation, as you can spend a whole day there and, at the same time, you will be well situated in relation to the other parts of the island.

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