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The 10 best cheap restaurants in Menorca in 2024

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Eat well and cheaply in Menorca! In this blog post we are going to explain you which are the 10 best cheap restaurants in Menorca for us. This list of cheap restaurants in Menorca will surprise you for less than 20 or 25 euros.

Don't be fooled by their appearance because we have personally tested them all and we have tried them all again and again! Here are the details:


1. Home of the Chicken


The Home of the Chicken is a small informal tavern in Ciudadela with top-quality produce. There are only seven or eight tables, so many people tend to eat standing up. Ideal for a day when you're looking for a 'bodega snack'. The scallops, Galician octopus, mussels and lacón (pork shoulder) are the specialities of the house. Also the T-bone steakbut then the price will 'bite' more. Reservations are not possible. If you don't go early you'll have to queue, but it's worth it! It is the best option for a cheap meal in Ciudadela.
▶️ Carrer de Sant Pere, 11, 07760, Ciutadella / 971383370


2. Chiringuito Es Bruc


¡Es Bruc We love it! They have four locations, but we have to say it loud and clear: the one in Santo Tomás is the best chiringuito in Menorca. The premises are right on the shore, in front of one of the most turquoise waters you will find in Menorca. (next to Binigaus, almost nothing) and in addition they cook a spectacular grilled fish. It is no exaggeration to say that, if you like fish, it is an obligation to go. Because if there's one thing you can say about Menorca's restaurants, it's that they struggle to offer the island's top fish, such as dentex, snapper, bream (pagell in Menorcan) or sea bream. In Es Bruc de Santo Tomás you will find them. Also, the juice from the grill itself accompanying the fish is the icing on the cake. But don't overdo it with the frying: it's not their strong point.

San Adeodato beach, 07749 Santo Tomás / 971 37 04 88


3. Can Vermut


Can Vermut is a local alternative environmentwith an essentially young clientele. It has a privileged location, right in the port of Mahón. Their food consists of dishes to share, starting with olives "the real ones", as they themselves say. Cheese board, cold meats, croquettes... And, of course, everything you need to enjoy a vermouth.Anchovies, potatoes, hummus... Simple cuisine, but very carefully prepared. A place where you would stay for hours enjoying life with a glass of wine in your hand.
▶️ Moll de Llevant, 176, 07701, Mahón / 971361726


4. Pizzeria Opera Restaurant

pizzeria-opera-port-of-mahon  pizzeria-opera-port-of-mahon

At Rutas Kayak Menorca we think that the Pizzeria Opera is one of the best cheap restaurants to eat a good pizza. Located in the port of Mahón, in front of the Isla del Rey, it is a meeting point not only for tourists but also for Menorcans. Gabriella and Gianni left the south of Italy to settle in Menorca more than 25 years ago, and they are still here. They offer genuine Italian foodWe are always excellent in our dealings with our customers. Apart from delicious Neapolitan pizzasThey have an extensive menu of dishes that will make you doubt what to choose. An Italian restaurant in Menorca that will not disappoint you.
▶️ Moll de Llevant, 254, 07701 Mahón / 971363727


5. Rustic Bar Cala


It is a beach barThe beach of Cala en Porter is almost touching the sand. We recommend you go at night, as it's packed during the day. Purely informal, but with dishes and tapas to take into account. Las sardines, mussels from the port of Mahón, fried anchovies, grilled squid or its famous meat with peppers are its strong points.. Like all beach bars, they know that it will always be full, but Claudio and Juanín have a lot of experience and know that the cuisine should not be neglected. This makes it the cheapest bar-restaurant in Cala en Porter and the food is highly recommendable.

Its interior is tiny and its terrace with just 12 tables It's always full, whatever time it is. We recommend you have a glass of wine with the stunning views over the mouth of the cove while you wait your turn.
▶️ Beach of Cala en Porter, 13, 07730 Cala en Porter / 971377659
(No website or social networks)


6. Restaurant S'Olivera


Menorca is not a surfing paradise, but it does have a growing community of surfing enthusiasts. S'Olivera Tapas-Surf-Burguersin the heart of Sant Lluís, it is a place where you will always find a surfer from the island. Decorated with waves as the main feature, it is a good place for a simple lunch or dinner. The burgers are very goodThe fries are finger-licking good and the mixed dishes are very good. They also have tapas, especially the bravas with chilli jam, chicory fritters and the huevos cabreados.
▶️ Carrer de Sant Lluís, 24, 07710 Sant Lluís / 971151697


7. The Tapas Gastrobar


If you want to eat at a good price in the centre of Menorca, we recommend this restaurant. It is in a charming little square in Es Mercadalsurrounded by pedestrian streets and in an idyllic setting. Its large terrace ensures you will have a table, perhaps waiting for a few minutes. Fast and effective service. Squid, squid, chicken tempura, mini hamburgers, croquettes, cold meats and cheeses are the basis of the menu.. Especially ideal for Thursday nights, when the Es Mercadal night market, the most important on the island, is held - you'll want to go every Thursday!
▶️ Plaza de Constitución, 8, 07740 Es Mercadal / 971154094
(No website or social networks)


8. Bar Peri


The Bar Peri is a classic that it breathes Menorcanism from all sides. The typical village bar where the locals of Es Migjorn, the small village to which it belongs, go. Eat well, taste at ease, without rushing and for a price more typical of other times. Let yourself be advised, but the mushrooms stuffed with sobrasada and cheese, meatballs and aubergines are worth enjoying.. In fact, aubergines are part of traditional Menorcan cuisine: they are stuffed with vegetables and are sprinkled with breadcrumbs before being put in the oven. Let's try them!
▶️ Sa Plaça, 1, 07749 Es Migjorn Gran / 971370115 


9. Cafè des Pla


To form part of the ranking of cheap restaurants in Menorca you have to fulfil a series of requirements, and the Cafè des Pla has them. Run by Tolo, a classic who used to be in the neighbouring Casino, it brings life to Sant Climent, the tiny village where it is located. Whether inside the restaurant or on the large terrace in the village square, you can taste fine wines and beverages. pizzas and meat at a good priceand it's all good. The pizzas are not genuine Italian (go to the Opera for that), but his personal touch has captivated the local clientele with his taste and his XL size. You won't go hungry!
▶️ Plaça Es Pla, 6, 07712, Sant Climent / 971377979


10. Paput Menorca Hamburger Restaurant


The Paput is excellently located in the Colársega area, at the end of the port of Mahón. It is ideal to go with friends, as there is a very good party atmosphere. and gives the opportunity to interact with other people. Hamburgers, cocktails, good music and better decoration. All very summery, perfect for a good time chatting. It's a very good option for lunch, an afternoon drink or dinner, so it's one of the top 10 best cheap restaurants in Menorca!
▶️ Andén De Poniente, 07701, Mahón / No telephone

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