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Where to dine in Cales Fonts

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Cales Fonts is one of the best places in MenorcaA place not to be missed if you spend your holidays on the island. It is a cosy fishing port with several restaurants and a truly idyllic atmosphere. And the question our friends always ask us: Where to have dinner in Cales Fonts? We explain this and much more!


Trébol, the mythical restaurant in Cales Fonts

The sheer volume of restaurants in Cales Fonts means that what was the best restaurant ten years ago may not be the best now. Or the one that was the best a decade ago may now be the best. So the best thing to do is to have recently had lunch or dinner in different establishments in Cales Fonts to be able to have a better informed opinion.

At Kayak Routes MenorcWe believe that, at present, the best place to dine in Cales Fonts is the Clover (and Sa Punta). The food is based on seafood and fish from the island.You already know that in this blog one of the things we miss in many restaurants in Menorca is a wider range of local fish. In El Trébol you can find it, although not with much variety and at a high price (you know that this is paid for... here is one of the reasons why it is more difficult to find it).

For starters you can try grilled cuttlefish, crayfish or prawns from Menorca, or a very good rice dish... And if you're the only one in the group who doesn't like fish, don't worry: you also have salads and meat that will make you enjoy yourself. It is, in short, a perfect place to dine in Cales Fonts.

▶️ Carrer Moll de Cales Fonts, 43, Es Castell / 971367097


Restaurant Sa Punta Menorca


Another excellent alternative, departing a little from the classic menu of harbour-side restaurants. Located in the old Club Náutico de Villacarlos (Es Castell), you will find the new restaurant Sa Punta.

In summer it has a very pleasant terrace and the service deserves a good score. You get away from the hustle and bustle of the port of Villacarlos, where you can enjoy a quiet evening.

They offer a varied proposal of Mediterranean cuisine and local Menorcan produce where you can find a wide range of variety of starters, rice dishes, meat and fish.

It also has a vegetarian-vegan menu

▶️ Calle Miranda de Cales Fonts, Es Castell / 690854671


Vell Parrander, another very good option

But where to dine in Cales Fonts if you can't find a table in El Trébol or Sa Punta? There is a good restaurant, with a cuisine very similar to the Trébol.which is the Vell Parranderon the same quay, a few metres further on. Good seafood, fish, guaranteed quality...

▶️ Moll de CalesFonts, 52 / 971806611


El Chivito, the economic alternative

El Trébol, Sa Punta and Vell Parrander are restaurants where the average bill is 40-50€. So... where to dine in Cales Fonts on a tighter budget? You have several options just down the ramp that takes you to the Cales Fonts quay.

Just below, on your left you will see a whole series of restaurants, among which we highlight El Chivitowhich this February has received the Travellers' Choice 2020 award from TripAdvisor.. A trajectory of 20 years that is rewarded, in this way, with the opinions of users on the web, a guarantee of customer satisfaction. In its menu you will find tapas, toasts, salads, hamburgers and its characteristic round sandwiches. It is the ideal restaurant for dinner in Cales Fonts if you don't want to go over budget.

▶️ Carrer Moll de Cales Fonts, 25, Es Castell / 971352944


Cales Fonts, also ideal for having a drink

Cales Fonts is also ideal for a stroll when the sun is no longer hot. or at night after dinner. If you walk along the quay and go to the end, when you turn left you will find a couple of bars, with their terraces overlooking the port of Mahón, bar Pindapoi. As you may know, this is one of the largest natural harbours in the world (unbelievable on such a small island!), so you'll have a great view with the sea breeze. Perfect for keeping cool while you have a drink with laughter and company.

▶️ Moll de'n Pons, 3, 07720 Es Castell


One of the best crepes you'll eat in Menorca

If you're a fan of sweets, you're in luck. Because, apart from dining at Cales Fonts, you will be able to eat a real crepe, one of the best crepes in Menorca.. Without a doubt, we recommend the Nutella pancakes from the Biel's Cove Creperiewhich is located right on the slope leading down to the Cales Fonts quay. and if it is closed or crowded, a little further up you can order one to take away.

In fact, there are several boats that, when they enter the port after a day at sea, make a 'technical' stop to go down to the quay and get some crepes. The truth is that they are very tasty, so if you like them, you know where to go.


The little shops, pure Menorcan essence

Some time ago, Cales Fonts was also known for the number of hippy stalls selling products, from necklaces, bracelets, rings, clothes... With the regularisation of the street markets in Menorca, such as those in Mahón, Mercadal, Ciutadella or Cala en Porter, this has disappeared.

But now it is a delight to stroll around before or after dinner and pop into the small local shops.The people who take advantage of the tourism to run their family businesses selling the same type of products. You'll be surprised at the variety of clothing presses you'll find, as well as footwear.which is one of Menorca's main industries.


How to get to Cales Fonts

How to get to Cales Fonts is easy, as it is inside the port of Mahón, in the town of Es Castell. The road takes you straight there. In addition, another of Cales Fonts' plus points is that has ample free parking a five-minute walk from the quay. This is the car park next to the road. We recommend that you leave your car there, because parking in the centre of Es Castell (the village to which Cales Fonts belongs) is complicated. So you won't get lost, click here to see exactly where the Cales Fonts car park is. Enjoy your stay!

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