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Binibeca: What to see and do in 2021

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Binibeca (or Binibèquer, in Catalan) is the most charming village in Menorca. Its old town is made up of little white houses facing the sea, linked by tiny streets where sometimes you even have to crouch down. Its magic makes thousands of people visit it every year, so you should be no exception. It is a fishing village that sums up the essence of Menorca to perfection. In Rutas Kayak Menorca we tell you what to see and do in Binibeca!


How to get to Binibeca

Getting to Binibeca is very easy. First of all, we would like to tell you that you have to go to Binibeca Vell, which is the fishing village. Binibeca Nou is the urbanisation that was formed next to it, with beautiful summer houses.

From Mahón, head to Sant LluísThis is the municipality where Binibeca is located. Once you enter Sant Lluís you will see signs to your destination. You can't miss it: it is one of the most visited places on the island!

The second route you can choose, if you are coming from Ciudadela or somewhere in the west of Menorca, is to go to the small village of Sant Climent.. From there you will see the signs to join the road that leads to Binibeca. It is a road that in Rutas Kayak Menorca We love it, as you can see the sea in the background as you pass through dozens of hectares of very little built-up land.


What to do in Binibeca

The best things to do on your excursion to Binibeca are lose yourself in its labyrinthine alleys. Enter the old town and start walking aimlessly. You will end up at its small harbourperfect for continuing to complete your photo album. To travel to Binibeca is to disconnect completely.

When you've finished soaking up the old town, head towards Passeig Marítim Binibèquer Vell. Go on foot and when you see that you can turn right into one of the streets leading to the sea, don't think twice. The area of Binibeca has no high cliffs, which means that you can you will be able to reach the rocks that touch the sea. At that moment you will know why Menorca has something special.


You should also take the opportunity to go to Es Caló Blanc.The beach near Binibeca. It is a mini beach paradisewith breathtaking views. Park in the open space provided and go down to enjoy the Mediterranean. If you are coming from Sant Climent you will pass in front of it; if you are coming from Mahón, you will only have to drive five minutes more.   


Where to eat

If you are wondering whether Binibeca has good places to eat, the answer is yes. Sa Musclera is the best restaurant there is for local produce, sharing platters and delicious seafood. There is usually a queue to get a table on the terrace, so we advise you to go early. Whether for lunch or dinner, it's best to go early. 

The other ideal restaurant is Bamboo. Completely different from Sa Musclera, as Bambú is a cool, modern place with spectacular views... and more expensive, obviously. If you want to get a seat at their coveted tables, you'd better book a few days in advance. 

If everything is full, you have two very good options only 5 minutes away by car. This is the Italian restaurant Opera and the tapas you'll find in The Txoko. Both, in the village of Binisafua (Binisafúller, in Catalan).


Where to park

If you are coming from Sant Climent, you will find a free car park. just as you arrive at the white village, as some people call it. In the adjacent streets you can also find a place to leave your car. If you are coming from Mahón, you can find parking in the streets at the entrance to the village, or in a car park at Carrer de s'Àncora. But the truth is that you have to make your own way, especially on busy days during the high season.

To go back to the hotel, and to give you an idea of the distances, you can tell you that from Binibeca to Mahón it is 20 minutes by car.and from Binibeca to Ciudadela, 45 minutes.

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