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Bus to Macarelleta and many other beaches

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Menorca is a very well-kept island, with no major roads or infrastructures.. That is why the paths to reach some coves are difficult to access. A good example of this is Macarella and Macarelleta, two of the most famous coves on the island. But don't worry, you can reach Macarelleta by bus and many other beaches.

The road that leads to Macarelleta, called Camí de Sant Joan de Missa, has had major traffic jams in recent years because it is very narrow. For this reason, in 2018 a new road was created shuttle bus to Macarella but, the million dollar question...


Where, how and when do I catch the bus?

It's very simple, we explain it below:

1) Tickets can be purchased on the website 'Mou-t Menorca' or on the website of the service concessionary company. Autocares Torres.

2) The bus is taken in Ciudadela.specifically at the Plaça dels Pins stop and at the Via Perimetral stop.

3) There is a discount for families who can prove that they are large

4) You will be able to choose between different times both outward and return

5) This shuttle bus service is available for Macarella and for many more coves


How many beaches can I go to with the shuttle bus?

To more than 25 coves! It really is a great service and has received very good reviews. On the website of 'Mou-t MenorcaYou will find all the routes. The best thing to do is to take the rented car to the bus stop, park it and take the bus there.

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Does the bus to Macarelleta prohibit going by car?

No, both options coexist. However, in the busy months (especially July and August) the car park is already full at 9am. Therefore, even if you wanted to go by car you would have a hard time. For those who are in Menorca in less busy months or who get up early in the middle of the season, you will see that the car park is full by 9am. illuminated signs indicating when the car park is full.


Is there also transport to the beaches during the Covid season?

Yes, there are also. In fact, the pandemic only delayed the launch of the shuttle bus to Macarelleta and so many other beaches and coves. For example, in the summer of 2019 the bus transported 94,000 people from June to September.

However, in 2020, the service was launched five weeks later, on 6 July (from Monday to Sunday between 8:25h and 19:45h.). For 2021, the Consell de Menorca has not yet informed when it will be implemented.

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