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Kayaks in Menorca, the ideal activity

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Rent kayaks in Menorca is an ideal choice because the coastline is very irregular, and therefore full of nooks and crannies, caves and coves. In the case of the south coast of Menorca this is even more evident, and you can enjoy the great beauty of the coastline.


High quality kayaks

Our kayaks are purchased in January 2021They are brand new. They are from the brand RotomodThe quality standard of the brands is very important to emphasise. It is very important to emphasise the quality standard of the brands, since the difference in navigation is significant. If the kayaks you rent in Menorca are not good, they will have cracks, water will get in and they will sink more than usual, making it difficult for you to move forward as you should due to the friction with the sea, and consequently, you will get much more tired because you will have to apply more force with the paddle. As a result, you will get much more tired because you will have to paddle harder. Rent kayaks in Menorca that meet the conditions to have a good experience!


Double kayaks if there are two of you

If you go with or with someone else, great! We have for you double kayaks, specifically the model Ocean Duo. This is a model in which two occupants have the right of access to the ideal space to be comfortable and to navigate comfortably. In fact, it is designed to go also with a child, sitting in the middle. It includes 14 bridges, plug, carrying handles, integrated footrest, four drainage holes, has a length of 370 cm and weighs 29 kg.

Diari Menorca

A smaller kayak if you go alone

Although the Ocean Duo can also be used for single-handed sailing, if you come alone you can use the Disco+. It is the kayak perfect for one personThe kayak has a more streamlined design and includes six bridges, carrying handles, integrated footrest, integrated backrest, two drain plugs, elastic bridge line, and has an integrated footrest. It is a little more streamlined and includes six bridges, carrying handles, integrated footrest, integrated backrest, two drain plugs, an elastic bridge line, has a length 428 cm and weighs 23 kg. In addition, it has a very spacious rear bottle holder and the possibility of a round front cover. 


Will the kayak hold my weight?

Don't worry: you won't sink a quality kayak like ours. To do so, you should weigh more than 120 kg in the single kayak and more than 240 kg in the double kayak.. The problem comes when you rent a poor quality kayak, as we said. That is why it is important that, when you go out to sea, you do it with all the guarantees. The outing we offer is of low difficulty, but this is totally independent of the safety that you should demand from any company. For us, !safety is the most important thing!


The waistcoat, a must-have

We would like to remind you that, to do the kayak excursion in Menorca and anywhere else, is compulsory the use of a lifejacket. When you arrive at our premises, and after giving you some explanations about the correct use of the paddle, we will give you your kayak and the waistcoat, properly approved. The fact that it is a risk-free trip does not mean that all precautions should not be taken.

Thus, now you know all you need to know to enjoy kayak hire in MenorcaAn experience you won't regret!

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