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Cales Coves: one of the best spots to snorkel

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We highlight Cales Coves for its history
. Menorca, despite being a small island (45 kms from east to west), has many coves due to its rugged coastline, which favours its irregular coastline and some say that it is one of the best places for snorkelling.

This is precisely its great charm from the sea: always being able to find a corner or cove where you can enjoy and enjoy a moment of peace.

But this cove is different from all the others, not only because it has two beaches, which in itself is spectacular, but above all because of the twenty caves The remains are dated from antiquity and were artificially created for funerary ceremonies.

This whole group of caves forms what is known as the is known as the 'Necropolis of Cales Coves'.of great cultural and natural value, since it is the largest necropolis in Menorca.


How to get to Cales Coves

However, getting to Cales Coves is not easy. You have to go in the direction of Cala en Porter on the Me-12, until you reach the turning indicating Cales Coves by car or bicycle. On the final stretch of the road, you have to walk along an unpaved road for about 15 minutes. On arrival, there is a small car park which is usually full in high season.


The best way to get to Cales Coves

It is for all of the above reasons that visit Cales Coves doing the kayak excursion of Cales Coves. Rutas Kayak Menorca is the best wayAs well as visiting the cove, you will be able to enjoy the other route that we propose leaving from Cala en Porter.

It is worth remembering that Cala en Porter, which is where Rutas Kayak Menorca is based, is the closest cove to Cales Coves. Great, isn't it?


Two pristine beaches side by side

The fact that the access to Cales Coves is so complicated favours the virgin essence of the place. As is the case everywhere, the harder it is to reach, the better it is for the sustainability and maintenance of the destination.

So in Cales Coves you will find a little paradise where, apart from the boats, you will find few tourists, precisely because of the difficulty of access.

By the way, burial caves have been inhabited in modern times by a large number of people who have been hippies. They used to take advantage of the months of good weather to enjoy the cove, but for the last fifteen years it has been forbidden to inhabit it.

Ah, and you will meet La Solitathe centenary house that wakes up in front of the sea every morning. It belonged to some fishermen, "Los Adrover" after their surname, who, both my brother and I remember with great affection how they used to bring us the fish home every morning in summer, when we were little.


Dive in one of the best sand, rock and posidonia seabeds in the world

When you snorkel in Cales Coves you will realise the beauty of the seabed.. Formed by an anchorage of sand, rock and posidonia, it gives rise to a large marine life, with a large presence of fish.

You will find lots of obladas (if you give them bread you will be amazed with the photos you will take!), bream, sea bream, sea bream, damselfish, tacons (small soles), salps, cows, thrushes, damselfish, green fish, red mullet and even some sea bream that enter the cove in search of food.

But to know better the fish that you are going to find in our route made with kayaks for rent in Menorca, better visit our article, "The fish of Menorca"!

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