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Kayak rental in Menorca at the best price

Hello everybody! If you like to discover the best kayak routes and excursions in Menorca and with the best are in luck. Here you can make your dream of discovering the best getaway in Menorca by kayak come true: the Cave Route. This is the stretch, in the south of the island, that goes through the from Cala en Porter to BinicalafYou will also have time to snorkel in Cales Coves and visit several caves that will leave you open-mouthed. It is not by chance that this route is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the world. the best kayak route in Menorca. All this for 29€ per person.


The best kayak route in Menorca

Rutas Kayak Menorca is situated in the Cala en Porter beachYou'll be just a few metres from the jetty that is used to enter the sea, where your adventure will begin. Once our instructor has given you the necessary explanations, you will head towards the jetty to start the route. We will set off towards the mouth of the cove and then turn left (towards the east of the island) and go under the cliff all the way to the Binicalaf area.


What you can see on the kayak tour

Visit 60-metre high majestic cliffsand playing the Menorca's crystal clear waterthe first thing you will come across will be the legendary discotheque Cova d'en XoroiThe most famous restaurant on the island, which we highly recommend.

We then come across Racó Alt i Fons, Racó d'en Pudent, Cova de la Llum, Cova Sant Josep with its impressive stalactites, Cales Coves, where we will stop for a swim and enjoy snorkelling.

But that's not the end of the excursion, as we will continue along the Menorcan coastline, meeting Na Blanca, Racó des Suros, Cova de Na Calenta and we will finish in Binicalaf. The arrival point will be Cala en Porter again, returning to the jetty from where you set off.


Self-bailing kayaks, the ideal ones

For this type of excursion we offer the self-bailing kayak rentalThese kayaks are ideal because the water that enters the kayak comes out directly through lateral holes. They are top quality kayaks; bought this year 2021 and in which you will feel comfortable for the three and a half hours that the excursion lasts. However, we would like to emphasize that it is a low difficulty kayak tripdesigned for everyone. You don't need any experience or great endurance. Moreover, as they are double kayaks, you will always have the help of your partner. 100% is an outing to enjoy to the fullest!

Rutas Kayak Menorca

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