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How to get around Menorca by car at the best price

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If you are going to spend a few days on holiday in Menorca, you will probably want to visit different parts of the island. That is why here we recommend how to get around Menorca by car at the best price. In some other blog you will read that the regular bus lines are good for getting to all parts of the island, but this is not the case. Any Menorcan you talk to will tell you the same thing: the regular bus lines in Menorca do not take you to all the villages and coves..


OK Rent a Car and Momple Rent a Car, the cheapest car hire in Menorca

Although Menorca is a small island (45 kms from west to east) the car is the most practical option. Getting around Menorca is easy because there is only one general roadSo the car will serve you to move comfortably and you can also carry your beach bags without space problems. The cheapest car rentals in Menorca are those of OK Rent a Car.

On the other hand, there is Momple Rent a Car which has been offering car hire services in Menorca since 1974. It is characterised by the personalised service to its clients, together with the economic price of the rental, which you can find.

If you are wondering how to get around Menorca, this is the answer.


Where to pick up cheap car hire in Menorca

The rental companies with the best prices no office at the airport of Menorca, although they state on their website that they are. They are located in the Polígono Industrial de Mahón (POIMA), which it is only 5 minutes from the terminalby vehicle.

That is why the best solution is for you to take the shuttle that takes you directly toThe taxi rental company will tell you the cost of a taxi. And if you don't want to waste time, a taxi will cost you a maximum of 10 euros. They are two minutes away from the Decatlhon in Mahón.You won't get lost there. Together with OK Rent a Car, you can also check out the good prices for Pepecar.

At Momple Cars strive to offer a complete and convenient service to their customers. In addition to delivering and collecting the vehicles at the place of arrival and departure on the island, they also the vehicle can be delivered directly to the home address holiday home if rented for a week or more.

Their offices are located in the POIMA industrial estate in Mahón. You can find the exact address on their respective websites.


Local trade, another very good option

But not everything is globalised. In Menorca you can also find car hire at a good price at family businesses. This is the case of Binicars MenorcaWe have a very flexible way of working, with economic prices and, above all, a very agile way of working. And the fact is that they bring your car to the airport car parkYou sign the contract and they give you the keys. It's as simple as that. This way, you save the queues and having to go to POIMAwhere you are sure to lose valuable time. To return the car they will give you a location and you will repeat the process, but in reverse. Perfect.  


The motorbike, for short distances

As we said, getting around Menorca is easy, but you have to bear in mind two handicaps. The first is that at night no streetlights on the main road. The second is that access to some of Menorca's best beaches is not as fast and they are not as easy to reach. unpaved sections. That's why a motorbike is a good option if you want to see only a part of the island, but we recommend you to move around without limitations, because the beauty of a small island is to be able to see all of it! So we think that not the best way to get around in Menorca.


Parking on all beaches

Perhaps you are wondering if the car can be a problem to park, or how to get around Menorca in the best way to park easily. The truth is that we can assure you that all the beaches of Menorca have car parks available.. However, it is true that the car parks of the most famous beaches, such as Pregonda, Turqueta, Macarella or Mitjana, are not very well known. are full in high season. If you want to go to one of these beaches in the high season!Read this article where we explain how to do it without problems.!

In the case of Rutas Kayak Menorcathat we are in Cala en PorterWe don't have these problems because there is a huge and totally free car park next to the beach. Advantages enjoyed by some 😉 .

Rutas Kayak Menorca

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