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If you like adventure or want to relax off the shore of the beach, you can also rent a kayak by hours both single and double. You can take a quiet ride through the crystalline waters of the south coast of Menorca and enjoying a spectacular landscape and wonderful corners.

If you would like rent a double kayak, a child under 8 years old can also be included as third occupant for free. In this way you can enjoy the kayak rental both with friends, your partner or family.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience at the best price.

Both the double and single kayak, you can rent from 2 hours to all day.

You´ll see that time flies by when you live this amazing experience.

From 30€

2h o 3h

Book your double kayak rental by hours

Note: Double and single kayak are booked separately.

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Double Kayak

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Reservar Kayak por horas
Single Kayak

Nota: Solo hay 1 kayak individual, es para 1 persona sola.

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Double Kayak by 2h.

Kayak doble por 3h.

Kayak doble por 4h.

Kayak doble por 1 día

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